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Sunday, 1 October 2017

How To Get Free Bitcoins with Coinbulb

Coinbulb is a bitcoin PTC website for clients to earn BTC by clicking ads as well as make campaigns to promote their sites or products related to bitcoins.
You can simply earn Bitcoin from your home with this simple, fast and reliable method of earning.

Firstly, Register and verify your email by clicking here
Once u register and verify your email just log in the website and it will display your dashboard exactly as the picture below, just click on the pointed place.

Once clicked you will something like the pic below click on the pointed place that says "View Ads"

Once you clicked on "View Ads", the ads will display, to view ad click on the pointed place as shown in the pic below

Another page would open, mark the captcha box and click on the pointed place that says "View Advertisement"

You would be taken to another page as displayed on the pic below, wait for the seconds to finish counting and click Confirm..

Click on another AD and repeat the process that is all... with  this method you can  earn unlimited BTC.. Click here to register  ...Happy Earning...
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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

How To use more than One domain on Blogger blog

Many Bloggers have been worrying about how possible is it for them to use more than one domain for their blogger blog, and this happens because in Blogger blog you are not allowed to use more than one domain name for your blog. Today I am going to guide you through on how you can use more than one domain on your blogger blog using a short script.. Keep reading..

How To add More than One domain on Blogger site

Step 1. Log into blogger (With the account you want to add the domain on) then on your dashboard create new blog and save > put a template on it (the new blog u created)

Step 2. Add the second domain that you want to use to your previous blog on your new blog.

Step 3. Select your new blog which you recently packed your second domain on it > Click on theme > Edit Theme, now find <head> inside your theme, right below the <head> paste the following script

<script type='text/javascript'> var d='<data:blog.url/>'; d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, ''); location.href = '; </script>

Replace in the above script with the name of your previous blog (i.e the blog you want use 2 domain on it). Try visiting your new blog which you packed your second domain on it and you will notice that it redirects you to your previous blog in less than one second.. With this trick you can use more than 100 domain on  one blog, you can also follow it to redirect any blogger URL to another URL...  I hope it helps? Kindly take two minutes to drop your comment or ask any question in the comment box below, also don't forgot to share this with your friends using share buttons below.. You can simply like our FB page clicking HERE.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Ramadan Offer: Buy 1GB at 200Naira

Etisalat NG is here again with an insane data offer which gives you the chance to enjoy 1GB with just a little token of 200Naira.

The data was tagged as RAMADAN Special Offer by Etisalat themselves , and from the name does not mean only Muslims subscribers can enjoy the offer, but it simply means the offer is specifically for the holy month of Ramadan (Fasting Period). To save time let me just hit the nail on the head..

How Can I Get 1GB for 200Naira?

Simply, dial *929*10# to get 1GB of data at 200Naira..

Note: you can use the data to browse on your Android, Java, Symbian, BB, iOS, PC, ETC.. Also the data valid for 3days... Enjoy and drop your comments..

Don't forgot to share this with your loved ones..

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

How To Get Free $10 - 50$ Daily

Hey.. I just discover a great website for earning free dollars online working from home, with this website you can be able to get free $10 - 50$ daily, without any investment, just follow this post to the end to know how to get yours..

Firstly,  click here as soon as the page opens click on affiliate-program at the top of your Phone's screen, the page will open, scroll down gently and click on Sign up, another page will open, provide the required details, Username, Password and Email Address, then click on register at the bottom. Note: There are some boxes to tick on the registration page tick all the boxes except the second to the last box, don't tick it..check your Email to confirm your account, and set withdrawal method, Happy earning. 
I hope it helps? If you have any problem with the site you can drop a comment about your problem, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.. You can also add me on Facebook by clicking HERE...

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

How To Buy 1.5GB at 500, 3GB at 1000, 7GB at 3000

Hello, everyone...

AirteL NG comes again with another data plan that allows you to get free 100% of the data plan you bought, example if you buy 750mb of 500 you will get another 750mb free, that is 1.5GB with just 500naira. The price and the data value are as follows

Data    Price    Validity
1.5GB = 500N    14Days
3GB = 1000N       30Days
7GB= 3000N         30Days

To buy any of the above data plans dial *144# and reply with your choice...

I hope it helps?

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

How To Start Online Business With Just 2,500

Good day, readers..

Do you know that you can become a Millionaire within a short period of time also with a one time investment of just 2,500.? Yes I said it again (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira).
Firstly, you must understand, this is not a peer to peer neither is it Ponzi. It's an MLM. 

Very quickly today I would be telling you what this company is about and how you can become an independent agent of KICKOUT INTEGRATED GLOBAL RESOURCE aka (KIG-R)

More importantly, I would be telling you what you stand to benefit from becoming a partner of this company, so no time to waist, let's get started.


Motto: KICK-OUT Poverty

                    *Our Mission*
Our mission is to eradicate poverty and to reduce the rate of over dependence on paid jobs in our society, through our range of services and compensation plan.
We are committed to empowering at least 1,000 people yearly in our country.

    ⬇ *Our Services*⬇
(i) _Educational fund_
(ii) _Job creation/financial enpowerment_
(iii) _Marriage fund_
(iv) _Children Education fund_
(v) _Retirement fund_
(vi) _Leadership Empowerment_
(vii) _Self Employment_
(viii) _Skill acquisition/fully Sponsored_

KIG-R is a networking based charity organization that has given everyone the opportunity to get
•passive income
•financial freedom
•personal development
•free skill acquisition
•asset and property ETC.


              How It Works. 
The business have 5 stages of earnings.
Stage 1 to 4 is 2 × 5 matrix while stage 5 is 2 × 3.

You register with a one time investment of 2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira)  ONLY once you are registered, two persons will be placed under you and you will earn  500 for each. 500 × 2 = 1,000... Note: The 2 persons are not paying the money to you, as you are not paying to the person above you, (the company is responsible for any payment). After you received the 1,000 from the registration of two persons under you, the 2 person will receive their 1,000 each, you will also earn 100 for the registration of new members who register under the persons already under you. Example: A and B registered under you, you get 500 each = 1,000 if C and D registered under A the A will earn 1,000 and you too earns 200 = 1,200, if E and F registered under B  the B earns 1,000 and you also earn 200 = 1,400, you need only 62 persons under your network to complete this stage 1. Which will earns you N7,000. Study the table below for more understanding.

Level 1 --> 2 persons =N1,000
Level 2-->4 persons =N400
Level 3-->8 persons = N800
Level 4-->16 persons =N1,600
Level 5-->32 persons=N3,200
Total--->62 persons =  N7,000.

That's where you experience real passive income through leverage of people on your network.
For any downlines that  completes stage one and locate you in stage two, you will instantly get paid N5,000 × 62 = N310,000 cash, plus:
–>HP laptop + cash bonus of N50,000..

STAGE THREE - Director
(made up of 62 persons)
For any downlines that completes stage two and locate you in stage three, you instantly get paid N20,000 × 62 = N1,2400.
Additional incentives
•A brand new INNOSON Salon car.
•N500,000 humanitarian •Empowerment fund
•1 Million Naira marriage fund
•Exotic trip..

(made up of 62 persons)
For any downlines that completes stage three and locate you in stage four, you will instantly get paid N50,000 × 62 = N3.1 Million Naira..
Plus: A brand new Innoson SUV worth 8 Million naira
•Children Education bonus worth N2 Million
•International trip to Dubai worth N5 million for 7 days.. (You can collect the money if you don't want to go)

STAGE FIVE - Pioneer
(made up of 14 person)
For any downlines that locate you from stage four you will  instantly get paid, N1 Million Naira × 14 = 14 Million Naira.
•fully furnished apartment worth N30 million.
•N1.2 million yearly retirement bonus for N20 years.
•International trip worth 10 million..
What an amazing BUSINESS

Special features:
•Affordable registration fee (2,500) ONLY
•Ability to transfer your earnings to your local bank account.
• Prompt delivery of incentives.
•The system gives you in - built E - wallet
•Earnings can be transferred to next of Kin
•No product to buy or sell
• Free skill acquisition.

Note: even if you don't want all the above incentives, Like Laptop, iPad Trips, and Cars. you can exchange it with money, and you will get the money instantly transfered direct to your local bank account.

You can't afford to miss this opportunity, Take action now and Kick-out poverty from your generation....

Click here to join our WhatsApp Group for more info and registration guide.. Or Call/WhatsApp me @ 07062922270..

. Don't miss out this great
OPPORTUNITY...Bcoz this may be the Last time you are seeing this Post... Take action now! And secure your future.. 
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Monday, 13 March 2017

How To Block Calls From A Contact On Your Android

Have you tried other Android Apps to block an annoying call before? Did you ever wish you had an idea on how to stop a single person from disturbing you, with unnecessary call or flash? If your answer is yes! Then you are at right place.

Also Read: How To Turn 1,000 to 200,000 in Two Months.

How To block Calls from a Contact with your Android

Simply, locate your contacts
>>Click on the contact you want to block

>>Click on the option button of your phone (three dots)

>>Click on Block Incoming Calls, you are done! .

Just in case you are blocking incoming calls from numbers that are not in your contact list, you can save the number and then follow the above steps... Pls don't forgot to share this using the share buttons below.

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How To Turn 1,000(One thousand Naira) in to 200,000(Two Hundred Thousand) in lass than 2month

Good day, brodas and sistas...
This is an AMAZING opportunity for any Nigerian who needs extra source of income. Yes! I said it you should not reject this, especially those who wish to make money online..
In this post I am going to tell you step after the other on "How You can make over 200,000 in the next Two months, with just just start-up capital of 1,000". Yes! I said it again (One thousand Naira). Does this sounds impossible? Hmm!.. Follow me lets do some mathematics on how it works.
         HOW IT WORKS
Stage 0:* You Register with just 1,000, once you paid the 1000, the person you paid to will be able to confirm your payment on his/her dashboard. Once you are confirmed, you will wait to be merged with 4 person who will pay you 1,000 each = 4,000.
*Stage 1:* After receiving donations from your down liners, you will be match with your up-liner, to make a donation of 2 thousand Naira to him/her.
*Stage 2:* you get N8,000 and donate N4,000 
*Stage 3:* you get N16,000 and donate N8,000 
*Stage 4:* you get N32,000 and donate N16,000 
*Stage 5:* you get N64,000 and donate N32,000 
*Stage 6:* you get N128,000 and donate N64,000 
*Stage 7:* you get N256,000 and donate N128,000 
*Stage 8:* you get N512,000 and donate N256,000 
*Stage 9:* you get N1,024,000 and ROLL OUT!
That is the power of N1,000. proven to make you millionaire!..
Don't let the fear of loosing 1,000Naira make you to miss this opportunity...Goodluck 
 If you are interested about the biz, kindly CLICK HERE to register, Note: you have only 5 hours to make the payment to your upliner and get approved, but if you take more than 5hours your account will be blocked. I advice you not to register if you can't make the payment withing the stipulated time... I hope it helps kindly ask any question, or drop your testimony here if you have gotten your money.. .#HappyEarning 
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Saturday, 11 March 2017

How To Get Free 1.5GB from Airtel

Airtel Nigeria are back again with another special gift of free 1.5GB to their customers, which I believed will put a smile on your face too. Not too long ago MTN have been given  100% bonus on any data plan bought by their customers, which also came with a 100% of validity.

Example : if you buy 1.5GB of 1,000 it will be doubled to 3GB, also if the data expires after 30days the expiry days will be doubled, which will give you 60days of validity instead of 30days. But the negative sign of the MTN's own  is, you must change your phone IMEI before you can be able to activate the double data, unlike the Airtel one, which you will get the double data in just two simple steps.
  How To Activate Airtel 1.5GB
Step1. Recharge your Airtel sim with a minimum of 1,000
Step2. Dial *496*2#
To activate Airtel 1.5GB of 1,000 after you have successfully purchased the data, you will be given additional of 1.5GB  free which makes 3GB. NB: the data valid for 30days only..
I hope it helps??...
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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How To Buy 250mb at 50naira

Hello guys.. Etisalat NG Released new affordable NIGHT plan for those who never sleep early... #wink.

The data plan I'm talking about might suite the mind of many of you, especially in this recession period.

The new Etisalat NIGHT plan cost only 50Naira for 250mb, also the data is usable on all devices starting from Android, iPhone, iPad BB10, Laptop and Desktop, ETC. . .

To Activate Etisalat 250MB For N50 Night Plan

•Migrate to Easycliq tariff plan by dialing *244*1#

•Make sure you have a minimum airtime balance of N50 on your Etisalat.

•Dial *229*10*10# to activate 250MB for N50.
Note: the data starts from (12:00am- 5:00am).

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How To Call Your Friend With His/Her Own Airtime

Do you know that you can call your friends, Lovers, families and even your enemies with zero naira on your account? Yes! I said it they will be paying for the call charge, as long as you are calling them with this trick I'm about to show you now!

MTN introduced Collect Call Service the service that allows MTN users to make Calls with zero naira on their accounts. But the person you are calling will have to accept to pay for the incoming voice call.

Benefits Of MTN Collect Call Service

It allows you to make a call to your family and friends with a zero credit.

You won't be charged a connection fee or a subscription fee for using the service.

How To Activate Collect Call Service

You simply have to dial *121*Your friend number# e.g *121*07062××××70# and the system will check if your friend has the minimum Airtime required, also if you are in the allowed tariff plan, and if the person you are calling too is on allowed tariff plan, once the system completed its checking between you and the person you are calling, you will hear a voice saying; "Call in progress. Please wait while your call is being connected."

After the system has confirmed you , the system will tell your friend that "Welcome to MTN Collect call service. Press 1 to accept, 2 to reject, 3 to accept and add to white list, 4 to reject and add to black list."
If he or she press 1 to accept, you will be connected but if your friend press 2 you the call will be rejected, and he press 3 that is accept and add to whitelist, the call will be accepted and he/she will not be ask again about the confirmation of collect call service from your number , also if you friend press 4, the call will be rejected and your number will not be able to call him/her using collect call service..

I hope it helps?

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

How To Get Free 1GB from MTN

Good day viewers. Many days ago I haven't came with any latest offer from all the network providers, which I counted as the best mistake I ever made since this blog was invented, and this had happened due  to lack of latest offers and insufficient time for me to publish a post here. But in this post you are reading I'm giving you 100% assurance of something "COOL" which I believed you would love it.

Why am I calling it cool? I called it cool because the offer I'm about to guide you through was given out by the most stingiest network provider MTN. And I believed many of you have been looking for a offer from them. Lets go back to the main thing which you are here for.


Simply dial *449*2# to activate the offer for free! Once the offer was activated an SMS will be sent to you saying..

      "Congratulation you have activated free 1GB valid for 7 days dial *449*4# to view data bonus"

see demo on the pics below..

I hope it helps? Please appreciate our effort by sharing this post to your friends on social medias.

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Get 373 free credit from GTbank

Guaranty Trust Bank also known as GTbank , are giving a free credit to their customers. GTbank gives the calling credit  to any of their customers who recharge his phone by using their USSD code *737#

Note: this will only work when you used the number you registered at GTbank also you must have an active account before you get this offer

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Get free 1400naira with just 200naira

Etisalat NG is back again with another wonderful offer called, SuperBonusOffer , in this SBO you will be given 1400 once you recharge 200naira.

The Nigerian network providers are fighting  blindly with untouchable offers, in order to get more customers by force!.

How To Activate This SuperBonusOffer

==>Get a new Etisalat sim and
register it.
==>Then recharge 200naira and you would be given 1400naira, also you will enjoy buying 1GB for N500.

Note: this offer is once per sim, and for  a life time.


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Monday, 2 January 2017

Get Free 4GB As New Year Gift From MTN

Hy! I hope this post reached you well? Before then, I would like to give a thanks message to all my blog visitors in 2016, because without you I would not be here, and my blog won't be popular as it is currently.  

Also this is my 1st post of this year (2017), but am sorry for making it late, because it should have been posted yesterday.  but better to late than never. Right?

Back to main business that is:
MTN NG were given 4GB free data as new year gift to their selected customers, simply dial *559*444# to check if you were given the data. 

I hope it helps
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