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Sunday, 19 March 2017

How To Start Online Business With Just 2,500

Good day, readers..

Do you know that you can become a Millionaire within a short period of time also with a one time investment of just 2,500.? Yes I said it again (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira).
Firstly, you must understand, this is not a peer to peer neither is it Ponzi. It's an MLM. 

Very quickly today I would be telling you what this company is about and how you can become an independent agent of KICKOUT INTEGRATED GLOBAL RESOURCE aka (KIG-R)

More importantly, I would be telling you what you stand to benefit from becoming a partner of this company, so no time to waist, let's get started.


Motto: KICK-OUT Poverty

                    *Our Mission*
Our mission is to eradicate poverty and to reduce the rate of over dependence on paid jobs in our society, through our range of services and compensation plan.
We are committed to empowering at least 1,000 people yearly in our country.

    ⬇ *Our Services*⬇
(i) _Educational fund_
(ii) _Job creation/financial enpowerment_
(iii) _Marriage fund_
(iv) _Children Education fund_
(v) _Retirement fund_
(vi) _Leadership Empowerment_
(vii) _Self Employment_
(viii) _Skill acquisition/fully Sponsored_

KIG-R is a networking based charity organization that has given everyone the opportunity to get
•passive income
•financial freedom
•personal development
•free skill acquisition
•asset and property ETC.


              How It Works. 
The business have 5 stages of earnings.
Stage 1 to 4 is 2 × 5 matrix while stage 5 is 2 × 3.

You register with a one time investment of 2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira)  ONLY once you are registered, two persons will be placed under you and you will earn  500 for each. 500 × 2 = 1,000... Note: The 2 persons are not paying the money to you, as you are not paying to the person above you, (the company is responsible for any payment). After you received the 1,000 from the registration of two persons under you, the 2 person will receive their 1,000 each, you will also earn 100 for the registration of new members who register under the persons already under you. Example: A and B registered under you, you get 500 each = 1,000 if C and D registered under A the A will earn 1,000 and you too earns 200 = 1,200, if E and F registered under B  the B earns 1,000 and you also earn 200 = 1,400, you need only 62 persons under your network to complete this stage 1. Which will earns you N7,000. Study the table below for more understanding.

Level 1 --> 2 persons =N1,000
Level 2-->4 persons =N400
Level 3-->8 persons = N800
Level 4-->16 persons =N1,600
Level 5-->32 persons=N3,200
Total--->62 persons =  N7,000.

That's where you experience real passive income through leverage of people on your network.
For any downlines that  completes stage one and locate you in stage two, you will instantly get paid N5,000 × 62 = N310,000 cash, plus:
–>HP laptop + cash bonus of N50,000..

STAGE THREE - Director
(made up of 62 persons)
For any downlines that completes stage two and locate you in stage three, you instantly get paid N20,000 × 62 = N1,2400.
Additional incentives
•A brand new INNOSON Salon car.
•N500,000 humanitarian •Empowerment fund
•1 Million Naira marriage fund
•Exotic trip..

(made up of 62 persons)
For any downlines that completes stage three and locate you in stage four, you will instantly get paid N50,000 × 62 = N3.1 Million Naira..
Plus: A brand new Innoson SUV worth 8 Million naira
•Children Education bonus worth N2 Million
•International trip to Dubai worth N5 million for 7 days.. (You can collect the money if you don't want to go)

STAGE FIVE - Pioneer
(made up of 14 person)
For any downlines that locate you from stage four you will  instantly get paid, N1 Million Naira × 14 = 14 Million Naira.
•fully furnished apartment worth N30 million.
•N1.2 million yearly retirement bonus for N20 years.
•International trip worth 10 million..
What an amazing BUSINESS

Special features:
•Affordable registration fee (2,500) ONLY
•Ability to transfer your earnings to your local bank account.
• Prompt delivery of incentives.
•The system gives you in - built E - wallet
•Earnings can be transferred to next of Kin
•No product to buy or sell
• Free skill acquisition.

Note: even if you don't want all the above incentives, Like Laptop, iPad Trips, and Cars. you can exchange it with money, and you will get the money instantly transfered direct to your local bank account.

You can't afford to miss this opportunity, Take action now and Kick-out poverty from your generation....

Click here to join our WhatsApp Group for more info and registration guide.. Or Call/WhatsApp me @ 07062922270..

. Don't miss out this great
OPPORTUNITY...Bcoz this may be the Last time you are seeing this Post... Take action now! And secure your future.. 

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